I found that the translations for the languages are quite incomplete.
The languages seem to be behind some .mo files.
How to edit them in order to complete the translations?

I thought this is a communty and everyone can participate.

Until now there seems to be noone who knows how and with which editor to creat/optimize the language packs, the .mo files.

Then: about the forum. Every time I select: log me in automatically, but it doesnt. I know phpBB forum has a problem with that function. Dont tell me that: my cookies R enabled.

EDITED: sorry, found the answer already in my other thread. but what If I dont have the .po file.
Why make it so complicated? Why are the texts not simply in a .txt file and everyone can edit and customize them as much as he wants.? That would be much easier instead of finsing the source file somewhere and then compike it.
Metasequoia does it like that and its bluddy easy there to create one’s own language. I have just made one translation into Quechua.

Everyone can edit and customize them as they want, they just have to get the po files from the cvs or source tarball, edit and compile in an .mo file.

Besides, the mo files are about half the size of the .po files. While impose a bigger download to everyone when a good proportion will never wish to modify them.


Ask on one of these forums:

I know of at least one person who has done it but that was back in NicoDigital days and he may not have the same nick.


I am very new to this forum. May be this question must at some other topic…
I am from Russia. Some folders are named in russian but in Blender they are seen through symbols that are very different from cyrillic.
I tried to change font in options but those changes applied only to ui
How to change font or encoding of text in filebrowser?

OS: Win2000 (and may be it can be a solution to change filebrowser’s font to windows’ one)

I hope my english is good enough to understand me. :expressionless:

And i was wondaring from where to get these .po filles. Just dont tell me from cvs, i just dont get anything from that cvs. A link would be a help to them or somethenig like that. Translation is easy