LAPD 2019 Blaster (Blade Runner)


Made Blade Runner blaster in Blender! Textured in Quixel and rendered in Cycles.

There’s Sketchfab link in the Artstation profile.

Hope you like it!


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Great attention to detail. - Respect. … Is the handle not a tad too shiny, considering the worn metal look of the rest of the gun? I would expect some wear there. But then, maybe the two handle shells just got replaced. They are only fixed with two screws as I see. :smiley:

Love it! Quite a different finish from the film gun I think (I think it was a stronger difference between blued parts and silvery parts) but I might be wrong about that.

I can somewhat see the criticism of the handle, although that is by far the hardest part because it got such a weird and awesome finish in the real one.

Anyway, great details!

Thanks! Yeah the handle should be translucent amber material but I tried something like that without translucency as there’s no geometry under the handle.

Thank you!
The handle sure is a bit tricky. Otherwise the materials are pretty close with my preference pics. Some photos of copies and some of originals.