Laptop concept "LightHammer"


Here a Laptop concept with customizable keyboard as main feature, each key has a 320x320 OLED screen which you can customize with custom letters or icons via the dedicated software, so no more worrying about the keys layout (QWERTY, AZERTY, Etc)

There isn’t really a traditional touchpad but an integrated graphic tablet with touch support, useful for creative work or those who doesn’t want to use the main screen with the included Pen.

Used blender for the whole project, I had to do some textures placement with 3Dcoat and some contrast correction with photoshop.


Nice design

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Thanks :D, this idea started when I had an argument with a friend about preferences between classic graphics tablet and screen ones.

I mean in some cases I prefer to use classic tablet, mainly because my hand hide half of the screen when I use small to medium size screen tablets.