Thought I would try to model some laptops. Right now, there are three laptops, from left to right, they are Windows Vista, Mac OS X Tiger, and Linux Debian. I am going for realism this time.

Here is a picture:

The setup is allright, probably needs some more work,
But the first thing you should do is to add some shadows!! the way it is now, it looks as if all the objects are floating.

Good luck with it

Thanks Red_XIII, here is an updated version with more shadows.

If you want a mac laptop, maybe make it white?

In my opinion, thats how I “see” a mac lappy.

This may not be strictly necessary, but you can not really see the computers very well. Maybe adjust the angle slightly or something.

Reminds me of the beginning to Perfect Dark for some reason. :slight_smile:
I agree about the Mac being white (though the do make them black nowadays).

What’s going on with the perspective in the roof?

Thanks for all the comments. I hadn’t thought of changing the mac to a white color. I have two pictures this time, the first one is from the same angle and the second I changed it to make the laptops more visible.

hobbes: I may not be thinking right, but I can’t figure out what you mean when you say “the perspective in the roof”?

With Better Angle: