Lara (now with walk-throgh)

Hi guys, here is thing:

Sculpted in sculptris, tweaks in zbrush, render and cloths in blender.


She looks like a contemporary sexy German hiker. Sweet model.

Nice! would you give me some tips on the skin material/ shading?

Sexy. Materials do look a bit unfinished (especially her lips and all the clothes… the little she has), but the model itself looks nicely constructed. Care to share the wires?

I would prefer deep blue and electric blue instead dark grey and light grey. Hair also electric blue.

She’s so sexy !! Wonderful model

FANTASTIC modeling. It’d love to see more effort put into the materials, and maybe a little more thought into construction details of the clothes.

Looks great though. Could we see the texture flats?

Me likes the character! I think that some wireframes would be most welcomed in this parts!

hot :wink:
like that character.
wish i could do something like that :confused:
good work

hey, one more thing, what did you used on the skin? it’s really cool
is it SSS?

I really like the modeling, but as was said before, perhaps more effort should be put into the materials. The pose is very natural also. Great job!

5 stars. If the gallery had more of this, blender would benefit. :slight_smile:

that’s a damn good BI render, nice modeling also.

Great model. I like her eyes.

Hi guys, thanks for comments.
I decided to make short walk-thru about making of lara. It will answer all your questions, but take into consideration it is my firs time, and my english is not that great.
It is not step by step, so it is more for intermediate blender users. Hope u like it:
Not the best walkthru

Very good modelling and nice render. I like it.

Great, especially how to model in combination with several tools. Hat off to you ! Sweet for rendering.

wow. that is a great model sir

I’m in love…


Meabe just the fingers are a little bit fat (imo)

Nice …thing :). Maybe hair needs some coloring? Well done.