Large cabin, plus furniture, for use in the UDK
(I’ll show interior renders when I have this all good in the UDK because I’m bad at interior lighting in blender).

I started this project ages ago but I’ve only really got on with it in the last month or two. What I wanted to do is create a building with an interior and some furniture (which I’m still working on) and use that in a game level in the Unreal Engine 3.

The large cabin is pretty much finished but since I’ve not fixed lighting problems in the Unreal Development Kit and created the furniture it’s still a work in progress. I would like to try again to fix the textures not lining up at the corners though (I laid out my UVs before texturing without remembering that they must line up!). And in doing these renders I noticed that there’s too much moss on the chimney! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking a look, C&C welcome

looks really great but the chimney needs to be displaced or something

Cheers but you can’t use displacement mapping for game assets :wink:

I did try to make a normal map from a sculpted mesh though but it came out badly in places because the mesh wasn’t subdivided evenly

You can use Crazybump to generate a normal map from your diffuse map :wink:

Really good model, I think that the texture used for the house itself is a tad too large though because it looks like the windows and all other assets are in a miniature format.

Ah, I do have something of a normal map on everything but it’s hard to see it all in the renders there.

Also do you mean the square logs are too big? I thought alot about it and I tried to recreate the size they might be for the cabin. I also created small windows on purpose, I just thought it helped give a feeling of cosiness inside.

Thanks for the feedback

Got an updated render of the cabin here:

How do you think I can improve this?

You can reposition the UV Coordinates to get better texture transitions take a look at the image for more info.

Nice house btw!!!


Hey thanks :smiley: Yeah I was a bit silly not lining up my UVs, I didn’t do that on my last building project and that turned out nicely but here I messed up

Your roof is really too wavy and you should use real modeled tiles for more realism IMHO.
Anyway excellent job on this.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well for the roof I wanted an imperfect shape of the structure. Also this is supposed to be a low poly game asset so I can’t model the tiles unfortunately

Ok I get it if you’re working for game … maybe a normal map could do the job then …

Yeah my normal maps are a bit shoddy haha. Btw your portfolio rocks!

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I had saw the house in the picture. I think that house is so antique and so old. It would be cost much to sell that. The furnitures are also antique, I would love to buy them.