Large environments

I will Say sorry if this has been covered,

I’m looking for Tips and work layouts when working with large environments, Like some games seam like they go on for miles, I need to adapt this method into the Architecture environments of large offices/Buildings as some times i need to do walk throughs, Currently doing 30 second animation then moving onto the next floor or location of the building,

what i would like to do is have that fluid motion like game environments, but use it in a Building/Project, any links on this would be welcome

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I object to this being moved to game environments as the area i wish to use this in is not a game environment
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My apologies. The Animation and Rigging support forum might also be a good choice for this thread. I moved it to the Game Engine forum because that’s were you’d be most likely to get a response that could be worked into suiting your needs (you want a feature like what people do in gaming… it makes sense to ask those people for ideas).

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We do have a few tricks here at the Game Engine Support Forum. Here’s how you do massive terrains: Fake them
No system in the world can store an entire country in memory, so you’re going to have to do some faking somewhere.

But, a few questions first:

  • Does the client really need to see the street as you go between buildings
  • Does it have to be in a single shot (because if it doesn’t, then you can have the insides and outsides on different scenes.

As you mentioned games in your thread I would assume you are referring to the BGE too.

I do not know if you need to trick with non-realtime rendering as you need to do with realtime rendering.

So are you referring to realtime rendering or not?