Large Hadron Collider Song

Scientists are so happy about the LHC they made this rather unusual video to tell the world about it.:slight_smile:

Um, you could have posted this in ‘So i hear that it’s the end of the world…’

It does feel like a titanic work, doesn’t it? Or are you talking about scientists acting crazy? :slight_smile:
EDIT: Ooops!!
Since the topic was so different, I didn’t expect it to talk about the same thing… The other thread is already big, but If this one can/has to be moved inside it, sorry for the inconvenience. Or should I double post this link and continue the converstion in the other thread? Any moderator around?

Well, I don’t disagree with you, but i was talking about the thread.

EDIT: But the video was really cool!! A must watch for everybody!

These new projects tend to generate a strange mixture of fear/hope I don’t think we have to choose about the two feelings: The ITER project for instance could actually be much more frightening than this one… But nevertheless, if it succeeds, it would make nuclear energy cleaner in the long run. as paradoxical as it may sound, I think scientists dancing around is good and relieves that tension.

Scientists didn’t make that video, a college student did.

These are not “scientists” dancing you bafoons,

These are payed actors that are lip syncing the words to a snazy propoganda video to ease the tensions of the people smart enough to see the dangers in turning this dooms day machine on.

I thought they were doing it to ease the tensions of the people not smart enough to realize that its a harmless device?
The black hole thing has gotten way out of control, its an aspect of the device which has been blown way out of proportion…

How can the ITER project seem more frightening than a device which has the remote possibility of generating black holes? lol :eyebrowlift2:

The world hasn’t ended yet and it’s on.

Everyone is not quite dead, as what’s said in Monty Python.

Salvadore you’re off your rocker

By generating a little sun on earth to find out if the container we built will actually hold it!
All right, I admit It can be less frightening than a black hole… but maybe more than a particle collider :slight_smile:

Anybody remember the sun machine in Spiderman 2? This sounds very similar!

Yeh thats right, it is a little concerning to have a little sun, here on Earth. To add to that, the temperature of the plasma in fusion reactors is nearly 10 times hotter than the sun itself anyway. And the magnetic fields used to contain the plasma are much stronger than the Earths magnetic field.

So yeh, i see what ur saying. :eyebrowlift2:

Yeh, it is very similar, and in Iron Man then reactor powering his ‘house’ is also a fusion reactor, the classic tokamak type, along with the miniature one which he builds to power the suit, and more importantly the magnet keeping him alive. Love that movie. :rolleyes: