Large objects

(Turrin) #1

Why, when I create large objects do parts of them get clipped? And how do I fix this?


(RipSting) #2

With your camera selected, go to the edit buttons (F9) and increase the ClipEnd property.

(Turrin) #3

They’re at 1000. Clipping still occurs. Not in the test render, but in the view window.

Do I need to set them even higher?


(RipSting) #4

You have to set it for the design view window in a different place.

With your cursor in the 3D window, press Shift-F7. From there you can set things like the grid size, camera lens, and the clipping distance.
To get back to the 3D view, press Shift-F5. These are just the shortcut keys, you can see the icon on the left-hand side of the toolbar change when you press them.
Hope this helps!

(Turrin) #5

Thanks RipSting that did fix the problem.