Large scale grass

Hi everyone! Noob alert - so please be kind. I would like to create a golf course scene and I am struggling with the grass … (this will eventually go into Unity). I’ve tried a couple different approaches and I’m not getting the results I would like. The scale of a traditional hole is big (at least for me is say 350m x 150m) Here is what I’ve tried after I’ve modeled my terrain:

  1. Grass Essentials - applies pre-made grass strands through a particle system. I love to look, but would need many (many) millions of strands to completely cover the ground … grass needs to exist everyone at once, so a vertex group or something similar wont work either.
  2. Textures - I’ve tried a few different seamless textures and I simply don’t like the overall look. It looks ok when you’re on the tee box, but when you are very close to the ground (say for a putt) it simply looks like flattened grass. I’m still a noob with textures in general, but this feels like the right approach.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

You could use a musgrave texture as a factor to mix 2 or more different grass textures getting rid of the repetition problem or minimizing it, at least.

I made a grass scene with .blend file here: Natron logo on a grass hill

Missing grass material though. I forgot to pack the textures.

It’s nice, but I think you grass could have a bit more contrast.
I have created this particle system with grass and some very simple flowers to give some variation.

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