Large scale meteor fire and smoke simulation - problem with domain


Do you have any tips about how to make large scale meteor fire simulation? I have huge problem with trying to make meteor fire and smoke trail. I have footage where i did the 3d camera tracking and everything is working. I can’t get good results with fire and smoke because meteor have to travel very fast from one point to another and because of that i have to make really huge domain where it gives me really slow and not very high detail simulation. Is there some trick to bypass it or to to optimize it? My original footage that is from drone and i want to put this meteor into original plate.

Other software is better at implementing that specific type of effect. You might want to pull down some of the embergen free VDBs and try to link them to your tracking…?

Well im starting to learn blender and in the future i will defintly use Houdini Indie for stuffs like that but i was wondering what i can do in blender. My main goal is to model and setup all scenes in blender and all the simulation i will do in Houdini and after that i will import VDB to blender. I was just wondering if there are some tricks for that.