Large scale scifi cityscape

A quick experiment on procedural large-scale environment creation in Blender 2.93.

The city was modeled using (almost) exclusively particle systems. I started by creating some low-poly models for buildings, roads, billboards, and then created several particle systems to populate the entire scene (below the low-poly models of the buildings).

Textures were created in photoshop from random images assembled into regular patterns to create the illusion of “wall panels”.

Large buildings were placed manually to improve the overall composition.

The final scene is almost 4M tris, and was rendered using eevee. Rendering results were post-processed in PS to fix contrast/exposure/light bloom in some areas.
The whole modeling process took approximatively 4 hours, plus 4-6 hours to tune athmosferic effects and lighting.

Below, more visuals from different angles and in different light conditions.

Hope you enjoy it!
As usual, comment and criticisms are very welcome.


This is very nice. It really gives a good sense of scale, which is pretty hard to do with all those elements. Thanks for sharing part of your process with the particle system, that’s neat!

Hi thomassturm,

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Indeed, I am happy with the overall sense of the scale. However, I could have done better with “particle alignment”. Still wrapping my head around on how to orient particle with the mesh flow.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Hi Bart,

Thansk a lot! Have a great a weekend.