Larger onebox images

Btw Twitter links have giant avatars for me. Is it something with BA or is something screwy on my end?


i see that too

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I use an adblocker, and Twitter content doesn’t display at all, aside from the text, so you could check your plugins.

Also, I’m really happy that there is now a default polish brush that isn’t totally broken! :smiley:

There’s a min-width: 40% that needs to be removed from the CSS.

edit: Seems like someone is playing with it because the CSS just changed again.

Happens here too and it’s not just with twitter also from other sites like Devtalk.etc
i think it has to do with blenderArtists. It wasn’t like this before.

It’s most probably a Discourse issue (the forum software that’s used on both Devtalk and Blender Artists).

@bartv, do you happen to know why Twitter links include blown-up profile pictures when inserted in a post?

Topic moved to #support:blender-artists-website-support.

I added that 40% as I felt the default onebox preview image was too smalll to be useful. (onebox handles all embeds, to twitter but also youtube etc).

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Dunno if it’s related to resizing, for me all the Twitter oneboxes look like this:

I rolled back this change; twitter embeds should be ok again (unless you use content blockers).

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