Laser scanned Pine Cones on Branches

Laser (Type:Artec Spider Scanner) scanned Nature Assets from our i-U Studios.
For this example render we used more than 62 different kinds of laser scanned
Pine Cones on Branches.

Sample render:
Here we combine the Forest Ground Pine Cones (Closed) on Branches,
Pine Forest Ground texture (8k maps, albedo, roughness and height) and Pine Forest needles.

For the ground texture we bake from the laser scan 3D model via Marmoset Toolbag 3
a normal, height and albedo map. Seamless procedure and corrections made via Substance

i-U Studios / JLE Group New Zealand


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I’ve heard of laser scan before, apparently really good for details but object needs to be really stable or something. Nice stuff, first one is kina freaky though xD

looks lovely! How fast are the Spider scanners at capturing ground like this?

There are some difficult places under the brunches, so it may be challenging to get the right angle to capture it. Sometimes it can take plenty of time.
Anyway, I have a question for topic starter. What did you use to accurately remove the ground under this brunches. Artec Studio seems to have such tools, but does it work properly?
Speaking shortly, did you use something else except Artec, Marmoset Toolbag and substance designer?

I havent used the scanners to capture textures so I’m not sure what the best technique is for it ):