Well I spent a little time fooling around with some effects, and i figured out how to make a decent laser bolt … it would work as a lightsaber blade as well; I just would have to import it into another file and work with it that way. Anyhow … any critiques, be my guest … I’d like to make it look even better.



how did u get it like that man, particle effects still confuse me?

looks good.

how did u get it like that man, particle effects still confuse me?

my guess is that he had a single edge, subdivided it many times, and assigned a halo material.

only problem with this approach is that you cant use it with yafray.

It wasn’t particle effects, sorry to dissappoint. I used the ‘glow’ effect; it was decently easy. I just had a white rod and a green rod surrounding it, and set them both to use glow effects.

Oh, and I rendered it with yafray too … it looks like this.


ah. i guess i was wrong. still, i like my waay better because as far as i know i cannot make glowing objects go behind non glowing objects. still a good technique though. :slight_smile:

wheres the glow effect??

how do you creat the glow effect? i need to figure it out for some stuff i’ve got in progress and it would help out alot :slight_smile: thanks

open blender add a cylender and rotate it until its in the same pose as kenbert’s go to the top of the blender window where it says SCR:2-model click on that and from the drop down menu go to sequence and click on it.

at the vedio sequence editing bar click Add-Scene then Add-effect-glow

now press N and fiddle with the buttons and click on the Video sequence editing window when ever you change something