I juse went to laserquest today, and it was awesome. :smiley: Here’s how I did:

Name: SilverFox
Total Shots: 630
Hit %: 13
Score(10 points per hit, and -4 for every hit you take): 625
Rank: #2

Although LQ is really fun, sometimes a ceratin vest will work a little badly, and it will take about 10 shots in the exact same area to actually register a hit from you. %|

I love lasequest. Your hit % is 13 are you trigger happy? Even though it takes 10 shots.Are you triggy happy?

What’s laserquest?

wow, that was tough r2blend

that is so much fun.

A friend of mine once got like 42 kills, and 20 of them were the enemy team.

I wouldn’t want to be in HIS unit in the army.

Last time I went I had to change packs like 3 times because there were problems with them hehe. Managed to get Top Gun though with the last :smiley:

I haven’t been to laser quest in a long time, when I was in the 2nd to 4th grade laser quest was “the” thing for birthdays, nearly every party my friends had included laser quest, I had various names over that time, Ranger, Computerman ect… I wasn’t an expert, but I got a fair amount of kills, and yet got a lot of hits too. The last time I went to laser quest was the most unique, I had one of the towers all to myself and meanwhile some bounty hunters in the maze below were taking people hostage and taking them to the other tower and shoot them 20 times in a row before they’re let go.

I’ve never gone to laserquest, but I used to play laser tag in the woods near my house… until I discovered paintball 8)

G O O G L E . C O M

G O O G L E . C O M[/quote]
Can you give me the URL of that you speak of?



Arg! :x I always fordet google!

G O O G L E . C O M[/quote]
Can you give me the URL of that you speak of?



OMG, just look it up on google.

I LOVE laserquest. The first time i was there i came in 6th, and since then the worst ive done is 2nd. I got that twice, and the rest 1st. :wink:

HINT: Aim slightly off center at enemy barrels and front/back. The laserquest logo in the middle sometimes prevents a hit from registering.

Also fun is stalking the gangs of a half dozen 7 yr olds… :smiley:

The only time i ever went to laserquest, was with my friends who were all 15-17 years old. the other “team” happened to be a birthday party of 10-12 year old girls who wouldnt shut the hell up.


OH, and they got a head start : (

Laser quest is essencially a sport where it can be played by people of all ages. Besides it could be somewhat fun playing a bunch of youngsters that are fairly easy to hit.

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That wasn’t exactly spam. Your message is the only one is this thread that doesn’t belong so far.

I find it very annoying when he repeats what others say, just to boost his post count.

I find it very annoying when he repeats what others say, just to boost his post count.

lol, I would be frustrated, but It’s just so funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

erm… u guys live in America?
Cos in England ive only been to Quasar, same thing judging by ur comments, lol
But i prefer paintballing, though lasers have there good side i.e. chasing 12 year old kids