last 4 creations

my last 4 thinks made with Blender and PS …hope you like it

Mustang P-51d - Blender Internal

evil - sculpting test

Wooden hut - yafray - tree made with arbaro tree generator


Wou this is beautiful. Can you just answer me on one question for mustang.
Did you modeled wings separately or in one piece with fuselage?

Wow! This hovel is really real:-) Great Image! Can you write something about the settings related to this picture.

Elohim - it`s two objects body and wings are separate

B65ISP … i had to google what is hovel mean EN is my second language :))
I got little WIP here
hope its what you want…if you want to ask something what is not in that forum just let me know .

thanks guys !!!

elohim - sure i can :slight_smile: - its two objects wings are separate …it was easier to unwrap

B65ISP - i have a little WIP on different forum
if you will have some other questions let me know …

Thank you elohim and B65ISP