Last Flight of the Red Moon - A WWII era horror game

The Last Flight of the Red Moon is a first person horror game set in WWII era Europe. The main character, Jack, is the navigator for the B-29 bomber “Red Moon”, which goes down over the Swiss Alps. The only survivor of the plane crash, Jack has to contend with the freezing cold, wolves and other wildlife, and the aftermath of a dark project conducted high up in the mountains, far from the public eye.

  • Survival Elements
  • First-person horror
  • Authentic Weapons
  • Wide variety of enemies

The project is heavily inspired by the canceled dreamcast game “Agartha”
See here for some leaked footage from the early 2000s -->

Here is an early intro cutscene for the game:

Interesting theme for a game, I like it…looks promising
If you want to help with the assets I’d like to help:)
Keep up…looks great