Last Job Romeu&Julieta Studios to FAO

Pardon my curiosity but would you mind telling us how you got the job and how it went?
How important is this work for you, in comparison to your other works?

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This job is very important for me why I implemented the Blender in one company don’t using blender, and has a lot of prejudice with the blender, the head of the company trusted for me this job, and in 1 month me and the team were able to deliver the work.

Today this company migrate to blender and other companies became interested even more here in Brazil

In Artistic Case, the concept for this job is very pretty.

I hope to have answered your doubt.

Yeah it’s amazing that you convinced a studio to migrate to Blender, especially in the middle of such a refactoring of the app, making it very unstable and prone to change.
That said I was also thinking about the subject that this video tackles when I asked my question, though I didn’t make it clear at all.

PS: I took the liberty to add 2 tags: animals and ecology. If you want to change it yourself click on the pencil next to the topic’s title.

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So, any answer to that?

the subject of that video do not responsibility from me and the studio, the theme came from FAO.

The studio only create the concept to pass the history and me just managed the job