Last Job Romeu&Julieta Studios to FAO

This is my last job, create in studio Romeu&Julieta in Brazil to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

All job created in blender 2.8

Other artists

Agency: Perverte
Client: FAO

Production Studio: Romeu&Julieta Estúdio
Director: Jean Campos
Account Executive: Patricia Palma
Production Management: Carine Zandoná Badke
Storyboard / Animatic: Jean Campos
Color script: Mikael Holz
Art Direction: Jean Campos
3D Artists: Wemerson Pereira e Felipe Pedroso
Concept Art: Lucas Ribeiro Rodrigues, Mikael Holz e Jean Campos
Animation Production: Edgard Antonio Caliman Oliveira
Rigging: Edgard Antonio Caliman Oliveira
Animation: Edgard Antonio Caliman Oliveira e
Alexandro Rodrigues Lima
Matte Paint: Mikael Holz e Jean Campos
Look Dev: Eric Soares e Wemerson Pereira
Motion: Rafaella Tuma e Rafael Santaella
Composition / Edition: Jean Campos
Color Grading: Jean Campos
Finance Department: Amanda Machado

Produtora de som: Play It Again
Produtor Executivo: Andre Minassian
Produção musical: Rafael Thémes, Caio Torrezan e Bernardo Tartaglia
Sound design: Fernando Galvez

Eric Soares (

Mikael Holz (

I worked: management the job, lookdev, animation, rig and rendering


That looks amazing.
How soon is the video going to be released?

I don’t know, but no more 1 mouth, the video is for 21 this month.

Once It’s released, I’m going publish here.

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Interesting style, a bit like the one you see in some museum diorama. I am curious to see the video when it’ll be out !

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I’m sorry but I’m a bit confused; are you saying that you can share the video today?

No Bart, today the video will be presented by the customer, coming soon I publish in blenderartist.


Yes MadeWithFeed it was the objective from this job

You’re #featured! I’m really looking forward to the video, too :slight_smile:


Take off, follow the final video.

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This may be one of my favorite Blender video ever made.

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will there be a Brazilian version?

No, only English version

Parabéns, eu gostei particularmente da segunda renderização dos ovos.

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Wow! this is a good job!! :heart_eyes:

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This looks amazing. Is there a YouTube or Vimeo version available too?

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Yes, follow the video.

I am creating a step by step of what was done in this project, soon I divulge

Thanks for all


This is incredible :heart_eyes:

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Wow very nice work,

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bart, coming soon, I am creating a step by step of what was done in this project

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