Last of the Memory Shepherds (+2nd render, large version, wireframe/project views)

One of my recent characters, The Last of the Memory Shepherds

Right click/view image (expand/zoom image if necessary), since image appears to be reduced and blurred in the post.

An even larger version can be viewed at this link.

UPDATED: An alternate render can be viewed at this link.

Also be sure to expand in browser if necessary.

Attached are some wireframe and project views.

GIMP was used to create some textures. Additional vertex painting and texture painting were done in Blender.

Everything done in Blender with no external post processing. A glimpse of the render node network is also enclosed below.

Thank you for viewing my work,



wow, nice work. How long did that take to make?

This looks absolutely great. There are some segments on his face I don’t like that much, especially the mouth region looks a bit odd, but the texturing is just fantastic.
Great one Robert.

Very cool. It has a Dark Crystal vibe to it. To me it feels like a real Henson puppet with some movie magic lighting around it. One question, can this guy help me remember all the Blender hot-keys?

Now thats what i call hyperdetailing.
Hmm, the blue eyebrows look like they’ve been badly photoshopped in, they are too blue to fit in amongst all that yellow, orange and pink.
As for interpretation, this is one of your simplest yet. Its the last memory shepard enjoying a moment to himself i.e. you can’t see where his left hand is.

That has to be the single funniest thing I have read on these forums in a very long time.

As to the image itself, the vertex painting seems to be very low detail compared to the rest of the image and is very distracting to my eye. Especially around the mouth. I was drawn right to that area when I first looked at the image.

I typically enjoy the glow/lighting enhancements that you add to your images. However, for this one, I feel it is a bit overpowering and detracts from the details of the head. Maybe try and tone it down slightly? Just a suggestion.

Always inspired by your work Robert. Keep them coming.


The picture really stands out, and really powerful glow too.

The sharp line above his mouth could be a tiny bit less sharp.

The image in itself is already quite fascinating. But what really hit me, was the shape that is formed by the glowing headdress.

If it was intended it is brilliant, if it wasn’t it still is brilliant. I see a stylized cross section of a skull and brain and thus giving an additional level supporting the character depicted here.

I really like it.


A second render (minus the secondary glow effect, with some softer hair, with warmer lighting) has been added in the top post.


Funkyoshi: I worked on this on and off for about a week.

Hippie: Thanks so much, Hippie.

TheANIMAL: Yes, I wanted this to be a very highly detailed project.

BgDM: Thank you, my friend. There’s a variety of UV-mapped custom textures, vertex painting, and some procedural lightly mixed in on top of displacement (manually modeled/sculpted + texture-driven). The mouth is recessed a bit. In my top post I posted another render without the secondary glow effect and with a slightly different lighting setup.

Cyborg Dragon: Thanks for the feedback! This being becomes bioluminescent when remembering, and that was something I enjoyed trying to accentuate in this character, even at the expense of some very detailed mesh/textural work at the top part of the head.

loramel: Thank you very much, loramel. That top part of the mesh became very intricate and interesting to work with, especially, as I considered it, it would be the most important/interesting part of this project since it was to portray a being, the last of its kind, bearing the remaining collective memories of his ancestors.


Wow…if I work on a project for a week (and usually I move on to something else before the week is up…) I end up with some bad particle grass and a rock…maybe (if I’m up to it) a puddle with the fluid sim…lol