Last Outpost - VIDEO D/L UPDATED 11/4

(SKPjason) #1

Hey all… thnks to theeth… I have some temporary filespace to share some new stuff from “The Last Outpost” movie project I’m working on… ---- this is the NEWEST movie trailer. About 7 megs in size. ---- this is a bink self-executable video file - this test was TOTALLY done in blender using a variety of techniques… eeshlo’s refraction plugin, lattice deformations, wave effects, focal blur techniques, sequence editor overlay tricks, etc… About 11 megs in filesize. - this is a quick test of creating hand-held camera movements in scene, caustic lighting effects, and such… About 700K in filesize.
— this is the original movie trailer that appeared online a few months back - just in case you missed it. About 14 megs in filesize.

:smiley: NEW STUFF HERE!!!
—the top link is to a 3 meg large hi-res pic… second link is to a more
web-friendly pic… - this is a link to a low-res model blend file used in TLO – this is a link to
a room interior model blend file used in TLO – another, different model blend file used in TLO – this is an mp3 recording of some TLO music tracks - a compilation of still shots from TLO… dozens and dozens… - this is a 30 second HI-RES video test of the aliens in film…

Thanks to theeth for the webspace.

Lemme know what you think…

More details on TLO will be forthcoming…

Jason Saville
Auburn, New York

(azrael) #2

It’s great to see the progress of your, long awaited project :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But would it be at al possable to have the files in a codec that is read able by those of us not on M$ Windows???
Maybe DivX?



(Nahtanoj) #3

whoa Downloads finished :slight_smile:

glad to see you back. Is there much work left to do on the project?

(basse) #4

what OS you are running?
mplayer on linux played all the files just fine (well except the .exe of course)


(basse) #5

amazing work!! this is really a great trailer… lot of stuff, and fast movement, camera angles… a real trailer… and the material is looking awesome… everything is really blendermade? I’m looking forward to see more…

only crit is on the guy walking. it’s a bit strange and jerky looking walk cycle…


(sten) #6


cant wait to see the whole movie :smiley:

great stuff about the Bink video…very curious how you managed all those effects…

(valarking) #7

nice, the lasers need to move with the camera.
very professional.

(MoreK) #8

That is so cool. Very pro. I agree dude’s movement could be smoother, but I know it’s the tough part… Anyway I wish you luck to your project, and hope you will finish it.

What kind of project team do you have behind this?


(Jolly Gnome) #9

Looks pretty nice!

Is that a promise after that new trailer???

(theeth) #10

woohoo, 500 Kb/s!

the new trailer is AWESOME!!

I really want to see the whole thing now!!


(SKPjason) #11

The man everbody points out is actually a robot… It’s a plotpoint that isn’t made clear in the trailer… I was hoping for a jerky walk… I didn’t even add any motion blur to smooth out his performance. As far as the “promise” - yes… I think I’ll be able to keep it… :wink:

(paradox) #12

Good to see you back. Excellent work. Looking forward to more.I saw this all last night but wanted to see the download before I commented. Very unusual effects on the exe I liked it a lot. I’m impressed.

(Eric) #13

The exe works just fine throught wine thought :stuck_out_tongue:

(joecool) #14

rrrrrr :x


( :stuck_out_tongue: )

(theeth) #15

rrrrrr :x


( :stuck_out_tongue: )[/quote]

I was in LAN, so it was slow, actually :stuck_out_tongue:


(blengine) #16

i wont dl it yet =D i dont wanna ruin the finished project… how long do u think itll be till its finished?? how long have u been working on this so far?

(BgDM) #17

Just fantastic. I can’t wait to see this sucker done now.


(CubeFan973) #18



Can’t wait for the final result.

(SKPjason) #19

Just a note…

I uploaded the poster jpegs and some TLO blend files for download…

The links are added to the first post in this topic.


Lemme know what you think…


(theeth) #20

it seems that the files are unaccessable right now. they are probably doing some maintenance on the network, it should be back soon enough though.