Last Question! Fading Alpha Images into each other

Alright, here is what I’m attempting to do.

I have 9 images that are alpha mapped in blender. There title cards really. The first image shows the title, the next shows a second block of text underneath. I want all 9 to fade in one after another, but Im not sure how to do this with alpha mapped image since the ZTransp and Alpha are already at 0.00. Is this possible?

You can do this with an alpha ipo… to fade each one out… there is an excellent video for it somewhere.

Lots of help huh? hmmmm maybe its alpha animations Here:

click on the blender part, then go down the page to the long list of vids… hope that helps

Yes, Alpha IPO’s would work, but all my Alpha settings are already at 0.00 since its a Alpha mapped image.

Watch the video, it explains it… even for that

I don’t even know which Video to watch, and I also have dial up, so I can’t browse around without waiting hours to load.

I can’t find the answer your looking for but I watched the video entitled “Alpha Animation” under Unit 10 (on here: and it won’t help you. I’ve been through some of the others but can’t find it… I’ll keep looking.

Try animating the material’s Var or DefVar IPOs from 1 to zero. You may have to remove specularity as well.

CD38! It works! You are a genius! Var and DefVar both do it… though I have no idea what they mean! :wink:

Var is basically the “strength” of the texture. Setting it to zero means it has no effect at all, so the colors of the texture go away.

Thanks CD38, only, where do I find it? I can’t find any Insert Keyframe under materials or anything that has Var / DefVar in it.

Reno, for your purposes you might find that the sequencer is an easier to use tool for this that will give better results.

I already tried the Sequence editor, as mentioned in another post. I need a video to play in the background. And the Editor isn’t recognizing the Alpha of the images, CD38’s idea will work just fine, if I can find the Var keyframes.

Wait, EDIT: I found the Var, and it works. Thanks CD38, and everyone else!