Laszlo: CPLed platform for rich Internet applications

Laszlo is an open source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications on the World Wide Web. It is released under the OSI-certified Common Public License.

How does Laszlo’s solution differ from Macromedia’s offerings?
Unlike Macromedia’s rich Internet application platform, which is primarily targeted to designers, artists and multimedia developers, Laszlo’s goal is to meet the needs of developers while delivering applications with superior functionality. Our solution takes advantage of the compact and reliable Flash player (a browser plug-in), but shares nothing else with Macromedia’s offerings. No knowledge whatsoever of Flash authoring arcana is required to build Laszlo applications — an approach embraced by application developers. Laszlo’s solution is a standards-based XML server that integrates into modern IT (J2EE or Java servlet) infrastructure.

Funny, I had actually been looking at Laszlo for about a week now - considering it for some upcoming projects. It does have a lot of cool stuff going for it. The main thing that would be the kicker for me would be if it could create a standalone application. Right now you have to have the Laszlo server running (on Tomcat I believe) to compile that source into a flash movie. There may be a way around that - but I haven’t had any response to my questions on their forums.

Oh, and how is the graphics related? :slight_smile:

Presentations often have cool graphics that present wonderful and cool stuff to you so that you will buy or use anything that your eyes see. You can create 3d content that fits right into this little scheme. 3d or 2d art is good for this kind of setup.

I am always looking for enhanced web presentation development tools. As I will be doing most of my development in Linux this tool will be a good replacement for Macromedia presentation development tools.


Thanks for that!

Looks really quite interesting, once you’re passed the ugly default buttons!


Yeah. My apologies Oyster. Today has kind of sucked. Didn’t mean to be a jerk.