Late for Christmas

well, seems like that nose didn’t help this year… :stuck_out_tongue:

The nose would benefit highly from some GI or interaction with fog but, as it turns out, I had to use my old dad’s PC for completing this image for the Holydays and that means no Luxrender or any such GI glory. That’s a rig of spots surrounding the nose, but despite using spot shadowbuffer and some good samples and steps there’s not too much interaction with, say, the ears geometry to create some shadows into the fog…

happy holydays anyway!


Aw,how cute,but it looks more like a rubber toy than a reindeer :smiley:

good, but I actually had stop-motion in mind:

Yours looks just like the one you were going for :smiley: that never works for me… good job

thanks! However the spotlights ended up looking a bit too dark. Perhaps I’ll rework that… edit I did, a bit.

BTW, the default jpg compression used by Blender internal gives such lousy artifacts. It actually helped with this one, giving it kind of an old TV show look, but does anyone know how to change it?