late for the bus

this has been a texturing exercise in yafaray and the first project im happy say i’ve completed. ive gotten as far as i originally hoped with it, and im satisfied.

thanks for looking and C&C if you feel like it…

edit - i’ve re-rendered the main image, at much higher res and significantly higher quality settings. it took nearly 10 hours to render it…:spin:


I would expect larger render than this one, since the scene is quite detailed.

It looks very photo realistic, that’s good. You should’ve spent more time on modelling of the spoons and dishes are sort of noisy. Why don’t you render it in better quality? It’ll take much longer, but who cares…
Cheese on the bread looks very untasty… It looks like it was there for many hours, that I don’t understand.
The edges of the kitchen desk are blurred for some reason… bad mapping?.

Overall quality of the scene and it’s materials is really ruined by the size and quality of the render ;-).

PS: Do you really have washing machine in kitchen?


Looks great to me I wouldn’t have noticed at first glance that it was computer generated I thought originally it was just a photo.

Really good :slight_smile:

Alfisko - thanks for the reply, thats the kind of critique that i like to hear…
yes, i was going for photo realistic, not photo near realistic, but staring at this for the last few days has made the judging a little hard - its been 3 days total in making. i might spend a little more time on the utensils, i wasn’t initially planning on having those seen - just more stuff in the kitchen, but i was happy with the sink and pile of dishes… i noticed a nasty poly edge in the cheese on the last render, after i posted it, so it pays to check it thoroughly, so i might fix the cheese aswell. the texture blurring you noticed looks like UV stretch.

I’ve been living in england for about 18 months, and pretty much every middle class house ive been in has a clothes washer in the kitchen, no-one seems to have a laundry… :smiley:

so you’ve spotted some little things i can fix quickly and would be well worth it, this renders in about 20 minutes, so i can let it go for a bit longer… thanks for the imput.

terry_wallwork - thanks, i have a WIP thread for this image in my sig, and posted my actual kitchen… my rebuild doesn’t look that close, but i was definitely going for a snap-shot photo of the scene…

indeed very photorealistic :wink:
but just like what Alfisko said:
the bad quality of the render ruined it.
So please do a better render (in quality and in size :))


breakerh - thanks, i’m fixing what Alfisko pointed out and re-rendering.

Fine job Dvandamme.

Good to see you cracked Yafaray, textures and all! You might have to share a little of your new found knowledge.

It all looks pretty good to me. I guess you re-upped the image because i dont see any significant problems with quality.

MrMonkah - yup, i rerendered the main view showing all the kitchen at 1280x1024… with a lot more ‘expensive’ buttons pressed this time. 6xAA, 3xAA samples, 4xAA inc, 1 million photons, dif.radius from 1 up to 4 - single most improving change, and depth from 40 down to 10, to offset the dif.radius change, and ray bounce from 2 to 3 - i didn’t get a proper reflection somewhere.

i wouldn’t say ive cracked yafaray yet, i can only make daytime shots using outside styled light with the photon mapper - i can set up a basic light scene in about 20 mins now, but thanks for the compliment. i haven’t found much info on using yafaray for night lighting yet, but im sure it’s out there. - this is the best collection of info for photon mapping i’ve found. the guy that wrote it did quite well to explain and differentiate some fairly complex things.

since that kitchen, i wasted a day but have textured about a quarter of my large building, so im really pleased with the state of play

Very nice image! I like how your scene is filled with different props instead of the usual empty kitchen render. Good job!

can we see your lighting setup? I cant seem to crack interior lighting :frowning:

Verry impressive.Tthe cheese looks a bit platic, maybe you can put more detail behind the window, but overall it is a cool blender scene and well rendered!

sick - glad you liked it. everything was built as a texturing exercise, so it was all useful. i started on a fridge until i realised it would block to much view and is essentially exactly the same as the water heater near the wall. oh, i like your blog, theres a lot of interesting stuff there, good work

tomrebel2 - i’ll see what i can do

insiderrr - the cheese is very low fat, so it is basically plastic… j/k the close render is the older cheese texture, the full scene has the new cheese, i just didn’t want to wait another half-day to render it. i thought about photographing my backyard for that window, but wanted to move on in projects.

it looks like the image now!

awesome :slight_smile:

here’s a screen shot of the environment and the render settings i used to get it… thanks for your interest!