Late Night Design (HDRI Prob....)

Well since I do all my work mostly at night, i figured i’d incorporate that into my personal website header. So far, this is all I have, I may add other stuff later, but I’m just worried about the lighting atm. C&C is appreciated

P.S. The coffee cup may have a saucer later, but definately will have moving liquid. This will also be part of an animated flash intro to my site. :cool:


It’s hard to comment a whole lot w/o color, but so far, so excellent. Modelling looks great.

Ya, I’m gonna work on texturing the scene. Thanks for the crit :smiley:

Actually, I think there is alot to comment on here.
I like the composition of this piece. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the fact that none of the objects are in the exact center is a very good thing. The use of negative space is, imo, just right. A strong compositional element is that the shadow, at least, carries out of the picture plane. Personally, I think the monochromatic touch is a good one.
The modelling looks good, with the exception of the obviously unfinished music player. The lighting in the scene is pretty good, though I am wondering what the specular highlight on the shadow side of the cup is about.
Over all, nice work.

Actually that specular highlight wasn’t intentional. I just added a fill light to the scene. The strength of the light will be different when textures are added. Also, that isn’t a music player (though thanks for the idea, I’m gonna add an iPod now :D) it’s a box, which will soon be textured to represent the retail box of Adobe Photoshop CS 2

Here’s a new render, I’m testing a few HDRI images. I’ll upload the others shortly.

Ok I dunno what happened, this looks really wierd. Can someone tell me what went wrong, seeing as i’m not skilled in HDRI rendering.

P.S. I do have the 3 point lighting system in there too!
I removed the other lights, but no difference, just a little darker! Any solution?

if hdri image produces blotches it can be blurred in hdrshop or increase filter size in the blender texture panel(but shadow defn. might be reduced)

or yafray settings have to be higher

check mapping of hdri-- latlong as spherical,probe-angular and only horizon but. enabled

You should turn the filtering up just a tiny bit, and turn down refinement a bit, and add a few more photons.

Well how about I show you what I have, and you tell me what to change :smiley: actually just some direction or explination would be nice though :smiley:

Texture Settings:

World settings:

Render Settings:

No one want’s to advise??? :frowning: