Latest builds on Windows are so buggy

Hi guys,

Blender lately crash so much that I don’t even know what to report in the bug tracker, few example:

on git.32157d8 AMD64 the latest I’m trying on win:

-crash if I divide the mesh via shortcut in sculpt mode (CTRL+number)
-crash if I assign ‘softbody’ and after ‘collision’ (in this order) to a mesh via the properties panel
-crash if I try to preview some HDRI in the blender browser
-crash some times if I open up a new tab
-crash randomly when I render hair system (a lot of hairs)
-random crash while playing with ‘hair child’ panel curves, like clump, roughness etc.
-random crashes especially while switching from the various “modes”

Now Am I the only one?
I guess, I got this super amount of crashes after the viewport optimisations.


You are not the only Max i too suffering from those crashes, I tracked some of them down, i m guessing that it’s the Opensubdiv update that make even mesh modeling unstable. I don’t feel the courage to report all of them because it breaks art concentration when you have to try to reproduce it and sometime it worked normally. But i believe we should report anyway if we want a better Blender.

I could only reproduce the softbody + collision crash and made a report for it Please, if you can consistently reproduce a crash, make a report! If a crash appears to be random, oftentimes it is a threading issue.

this is not really the optimal place for bug reports.

please make a report for each crash and especially for the ones you can reliably reproduce.
If have a situation where some version of blender ( say 2.75a works ) and doing step 1 step 2 … n always results in a crash in some buildbot version … that information is very very very helpful to us.

Thanks for helping make blender better

Guys please, I KNOW IT, if you check I report already a lot.

But I’m working, I really can’t stop to work for every crash, reopen the file, try to isolate the problem.
Also because I can not send the file I’m working on (NDA) and because it takes a lot of time.

So what happen is that I go back to use a build that works and I submit little by little in my spare time.

Anyway this is the first time from the 2.5alpha time to see blender crashing so much, that’s why I opened this topic.

That is true it costs a lot of time. And these recent viewport related changes likely cause this. I personally have not found one that is easy to reproduce but my general sense is that you could be right on general stability being lower currently.

It is however not directed at you individually but for us it takes a factor 10 more time if the the amount of information we have is this verbose. I understand that it is not always possible to spend the time to help us help you but it is of critical importance in the long run. ( this is NOT directed at you personally but at all users ) together you have way more time and different computer configurations then we ever can have and the “user” is a critical actor in how blender is developed.

Does new Framework 4.6 improves stability ?

Maybe you already know, but for better tests you rename the Blender configuration folder to discard that the problems are related to some addon or an old corrupt configuration file. In Linux the (hidden) configuration folders are into: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.config/blender
In Windows I think it is in: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\

And you run blender from the terminal to see error messages.

I had read that these crashes occur mainly in Windows: