Latest ship (with a new twist) (also with animation now)

hey guys, this is my latest ship…but this time i have a twist! it was first ment to be a basic model of a ship when i suddenly learnt to rig! so this is my first rigged ship. i have fully rigged deploying guns and folding/unfolding wing things. the model itself is only basic at these stages. i do plan to add a name plate along with other things like filling the hangar things adding comm arrays and life support system, turrets, all the basic things really. anyway, without further ado…


some more rigged examples…


this is a design that i really like

thanks! i will have updates soon. and i will probably have more stuff rigged…

made a torpedo battery / torpedo tubes that slide in and out of on of the segments of the ship, just though i should show


Just working on the mech or I can say a few words about the body it self?

Great stuff.

What’s all this rigging for if you are not going to animate? So lets see some animation :wink:

ok, i will make an animation…

Why don’t you turn on ambient occlusion. It would show the geometry details much better and make it easier for us to comment on your work.

it does have ao on it though, maybe i should turn it up…

ok, animation, here is a quick one…(please remeber i am new to animation and is not as good as some peoples…) you might want to watch it a few times because it is a little jumpy. (youtubes fault)

AO works only when raytracing is activated. Maybe you didn’t do that, because it really doesn’t look like AO is on

oh! thanks ptks, i never have raytracing on normally, it saves render time.


much better. If you increase the number of AO samples it will look less grainy. And a more sophisticated light setup will improve the picture even more.

uhmm, yea. sorry about no updates for a little while, ive been away…updates soon.

We haven’t missed u. :yes: Its been peaceful.:yes:

yea;) thanks…:(… anyway, i have added some greebles and a name plate.