Latest Theater Model I Created

Here are some images from the latest theater model I created with Blender…

Nice pics. I like the look of the leather chairs - good job. I’d love to have a home theater like that.


You can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into this piece. I like the style and atmosphere.
It is way too dark for my tastes. Maybe find another way to light it. Try radiosity if you haven’t already.

Another new model:

Ceiling texture looks much better in the new pics. I think with a room that is as well appointed as this you would expect a little more clearance over the top of the door though. Generally speaking the roof isn’t usually set directly on the lintel. Or, maybe you just renovated the basement and did a really good job. :slight_smile: Also, I think your shadows are still slightly too sharp.

Looks like a very nice place to spend your time.

Nice observations about the shadows. Can you point me to a tut or explain how to soften them?

There’re a few methods that you can use. The deciding factors will be machine muscle and time you’re willing to wait.
1 might be YafRay and global illumination. Physically accurate and actually the easiest to set up. Just add geometry for light bulbs with an illuminated material and render (and wait).
2 would be area lights and Ambient Occlusion from within blender. A little less accurate and a litltle faster but still can be slow. tutorial, AO notes
3 might be a 3 point setup with a spotlight and shadow maps. Spotlights are used as the actual lights and then you add a fill light and a back light. Fast but difficult to make realistic and believable. tutorial

I’m sure you’ll find more if you look around, but some basic concepts there. will have a few tips but do a search and you’ll find more around the web.