Lathe in blender?

(Eogan) #1

I have been readying every 3d book I can get my hands on and learned about lathe. Can somone tell if u can use this in blender?

Seems it would be a great help in object creation.

(Schlops) #2

Use spin in the edit-buttons (F9). The lathe/spin axis is perpendicular to your screen.

(Gr8RedShark) #3

yes, but be careful! I’ve noticed that when I use spin for 360deg and x number of steps, with a group of vertices, it will place the x-th group right on top of the first group. this can look weird if you supsurf the mesh. I just delete the extra group of vertices, and then fill in the spaces by hand. there’s probably an easier way, but I’ve noticed it did noy act exactyas i thought.

(Schlops) #4

For 360 deg spin do a AKEY - WKEY - 4KEY Combo afterwards, still in Edit-Mode (shortcut for RemDoubles)