Lattice deformation help

I was modeling a PS2 and accidentally modeled the bottom fangrill to small, so I thought It would be a good idea to enlarge it with a lattice, and it was, but now I cant apply the lattice to the mesh and deleat the lattice and still keep the mesh deformation. Long sentence.

I did it once somehow with animation or something like that…

I could really use some help

Hmmm, Edit Mode, Mesh>Scripts>Apply Deformation seems to work but it might leave a duplicate of the original which will revert to original size when you delete the lattice so you’ll have to delete the duplicate.

If the part was just the wrong size, why didn’t you just scale it?

I diddnt scale it because that would have uniformally scaled the whole mesh. I only wanted the length modified. But thanks for the comment

Obviously I can’t see hwat you’re trying to do but if your model is sitting straight in the viewport (not rotated) couldn’t you just scale the length by constraining with X or Y?

Yeah, maybe you should post a picture, and maybe label which part is too small.
Cuz to me, it sounds like you can just scale it on just the X, Y, or Z axis to get it to scale the correct way, instead of the whole thing getting bigger.

Heh. Sorry guys, i’ve only been using blender for a few months now…
I diddn’t remember that I could restrain axis.
Thanks for that tip it did help!

But for now on I will post pics if I can

Thanks again

Random question, I tried that apply deformation thing, diddnt work with subsurfes. And what If I wanted to edit a single vertex in lattice and alpply it to the mesh. Thats when I would like to know how to apply lattices to the mesh permanately

when you clear the parent with alt+p, click the keep transformation button. This should keep the deformation. Hope this helps!

I havent gotten that to work yet. The “Mesh” keeps reverting

Had the same problem then figured it out from reading this… you can’t apply the deformation to a subsurf. No prob I just turned off subsurf, applied the deformation deleted the lattice and turned subsurf back on. Worked like a charm.