Lattice influence

Hi All,

Is there some kind of lattice influence control?The reason I ask is that if I wanted to animate part of an object with a lattice I don’t want to “break” the geometry at the border of the lattice.


The only way that this could work is to have two vertex groups and two lattice modifiers. However there would be only one lattice object.

One vertex group has weight of 1.0 and the other weight of 0.8. etc. However still in order to make a smooth transition more vertex groups and modifiers might be added.

Though, lots of manual labor goes into this setup and it might not be even good at the end. Based on a test I did I noticed that transitions might be OK at three levels (1.0, 0.7, 0.5) but still another smooth modifier might be used to fix the in-between stages.

Thanks for the reply. I guess if there was some type of proportional editing control on the lattice it would be much easier.