lattice modifier

I can’t get the lattice modifier to work. When I add the modifier there is nothing in the object box to select therefore there isn’t any modifier being added. I clicked the apply modifier button to see what would happen. I got an error that the modifier was disabled.
I have version 2.61. I used the modifier in 2.5 without a problem.

thanks steve

You have a object you add a lattice place it around the object select the object add the modifier and the lattice will be in the object box

Thanks for the response. Still having no luck. I do have an object but when I add the lattice modifier there isn’t any lattice to surround the object. Here are the steps. I have an object to deform. I select add modifier and choose lattice. I want to scale the lattice up so as to surround the object. But there isn’t any lattice to scale. The lattice is not showing up in the 3d view port at all. I don’t think that I’m missing any steps other than to add the lattice modifier and size it to the right size. Then again maybe I am.
thanks steve

You need an object to act as the actual lattice, hehe… It’s weird but, well, it’s how it is. So create a nev cube, scale it to fit your object and apple the modifier to that and it should work. :slight_smile:

Here’s a tut: :slight_smile:

You need to add a Lattice object to your scene as well (Shift-A -> Lattice). Make sure it’s around your object. Then select the object you want to deform, add the modifier, and the name of the lattice goes into the Object field.

Thank you for the replies. I am now able to use the lattice modifier correctly.