Lattice not deforming grandchildren

I have a lattice parented to a mesh and that mesh has children. The lattice deforms the child mesh but is not recursive so as to deform the grandchildren. Is this possible or does a lattice only affect the immediate child?

Only if the grandchild is within the range of influence of the lattice, IOW within it’s clutches.


They’re all in the range of the lattice. If I do transforms on the lattice in object mode, the grandchildren follow but when I put the lattice into editmode and move the vertices, only the immediate child is deformed.

Sorry, I messed up. Seems you can’t do it afterall. I must have parented them both to the lattice.


Never mind Fligh %, thanks for replying. I managed to get what I wanted by just deforming the lattice in objectmode because it was a simple scaling but I think there should be an option to recursively apply the editmode lattice deformation to the mesh children. Oh well, another one for the to do list perhaps.

I could possibly have worked around it by parenting the lattice to the individual meshes and using constraints but that would take lots more time.