lattice on particles in 2.46+

How do you apply lattice deformations on particles in 2.46+? the blender wiki only talks about 2.45.


I think the new way is that you take your mesh that is emitting particles and add a Lattice Modifier (from the Modifers panel not from the menu where you can add meshes etc).

Once you have added the Lattice Modifier, it will want you to fill in the object name that will act as the Lattice Object.

In this case just add a Lattice Object (from the place you add meshes from).


When the Lattice is added, position it over the particle mesh. Note the name of the Lattice Object and enter that name into the Lattice Modifier panel from the first image…

You should now be able to modify the Lattice Object and it should affect the particles. The more divisions the Lattice Object has the better control it will have over the particles.

I’ve included a Blend file showing the affect, it was made with 2.48.2 but should work with older versions.

P.s, also even though I don’t show it in the Blend file, you do not need to have the Lattice completely covering the thing that is emitting the particles (the emitter mesh), just being in the path of the particles is enough for the Lattice Object to affect the flow of the particles, see below screenshot:


ParticleLatticeDeformNewWay.blend (376 KB)

thanks, I’ll give it a try.
btw, why is everything black? is that a theme?

Yes its a theme I use, its easier on my eyes, what with being an old clapped out wreck :stuck_out_tongue: