Lattice to Selection? (Maya / Max Standard)

Hey all, something I do fairly often in Max and Maya is use a simple 2 x 2 lattice to move a set of points on an angle or adjust the angle on a group of faces. Here’s a quick video showing what I mean.

Right now the only way I see to do this is to create a lattice, move it to the point, then use the lattice defomer and go about it that way. Pretty long winded for a quick operation.

Any ideas!?


for objects or set of objects I’m using this one,but yes, it’d be great to have that for vert/face selections in 2.8 -

there are a bunch of addons for 2.79 doing that though -

Mine is the first and the oldest implementation :slight_smile: I am going to adapt it for 2.8 in coming months.


Nice! Thanks heaps for that, it’s definitely something I use on a daily basis.

I am glad you find it useful. I will try to implement axis alignment, as in the lattice aligns to selection’s general direction.

I would use looptools - gstretch to make them align in cases like this (and it will flatten them too). This tool is not really designed for this, but i guess it’s a nice side effect.
But you shouldn’t have annotation in your scene probably. Otherwise it would snap to it.

The action at 0.42 of the video can be done with Blender tools: add new transform orientation for the slide direction, set pivot/center to active element, select all vertices to be moved, select the reference one (the one that doesn’t move) last so it’s the active vertex, then scale to zero on the slide axis.

The links point to manual pages that aren’t ready for Blender 2.80, but will still give you an overview. In 2.80, the dropdowns for transform orientation and pivot are at the top of the 3d view in the center:



you can just use a loopcut aligned to one side, if you’re not worried about topology changes. If that is a problem, I’d begin by scaling them on a custom axis (aligned between first and last vertex) and then shear the entire row until reaching desired angle.

Thank you for the help everyone! Looks like the second video did not link properly.

This is another common example we run into. Imagine this but with much more complex geometry.

I think the straight line example may have been a bit misleading for my initial question. Sorry about that.

Here is a project I worked on where this Lattice technique came in handy many times.

Again and again gladly used.
I’m already looking forward to the new version

I suppose that you made that model in max and Maya ? I cant imagine the burden of achieveing that In Blender

which of these addons work and will be supported on long term in Blender 2.8 ?

That’s really just shearing, ctrl+shift+alt+s

I also use FFD 2x2 on sub-objects in Max a lot and found Shearing with active element/3D cursor pivot to be the closest I could find to the effect.

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Yea that worked beautifully! Thanks.

Slowly figuring out the naming conventions and different but similar tools. Same process I had to go through from Maya to Max.

Thank you everyone.


I’m in the same boat, mate. Just picking up 2.80 in the last few months when I have free time, but it’s been enjoyable and a smooth learning curve once I figured out a few vital concepts in Blender that are different to Max.

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I’m using SimpleLattice for fast Lattice assignment, but I don’t think it works on sub-object / Edit Mode selections. Would be a nice upgrade of the add-on.

Agreed! Would love to see that.

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Agreed. :+1:

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We had a lot of different addons for fast lattice before 2.8. One of them was from Proxe.

He said he was too busy with the other addons, hopefully he will port it one day.