Lattice type of deformation in BGE

I am willing to do a lattice type of deformation. Basicly a high-poly(relative to games) no-collision mesh is parented to low-poly physics mesh. The physics mesh deforms(and as it is lowpoly, it becomes processing-friendly). Than it uses smooth approximations with a bit of randomness(random bias input) to fold it’s high-poly children. Something similar to armatures, but more processing-friendly and mostly is done automaticly. Is it possible to do such a thing in BGE?

Maybe all the added complexity may add to the time needed to handle something like that.

Maybe instead, use a kd tree, and a indexed list

use collision callback to get contact, and then opetate on all vertex in a radius,

then move the vertices based on the distance from the contact point, and then rebalance the tree,

use the indexed list, to make sure the offset from the original points distance is under a value, so it won’t get ‘lumpy and weird’

It’s a bit different story. I’ve got a set of “particles” that are joint using damped springs. They have specific stiffness and damping values defined. They use Bullet physics. What I want is to skin this system.

It would also be great to find out a way to make a group of rigid bodies not collide each other:)

armature bones + copy location?

I don’t know how to solve the ‘Heaving’ that IK mesh do when it stretches though