Lattice v1.0 released.

I’m pleased to announce the immediate release and availability of Lattice for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.

Lattice is an incredibly powerful particle based procedural lattice structure generator for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. It is a novel tool for designers, illustrators and digital artists for the creation of generative design.

Lattice’s core function is to interconnect particles with lines and points. Particles are initially generated in the form of a 3D cube, sphere or cylinder and are then manipulated by you through the use of effectors. When two particles are within a specified distance of each other, they are connected. This simplicity of ordered chaos is what makes generated content from Lattice so visually captivating.

Lattice’s effectors, the heart of the plugin, can produce all sorts of dynamic effects such as noise, turbulence, scales, translations, rotations, skews, tapers, twists, bends, waves and deletes. By combining multiple effectors together you can produce truly stunning structures of unlimited variations. Additionally, each effector has its own affective space fields so that you can modify only specific parts of the particle array. A falloff control allows you to softly feather the effect while other features such as field inversion and field axis allow endless fine-tuning of your effect.

Packed with a seriously powerful coloring engine, each particle can inherit it’s own unique color based on axis or position. Coloring can be dictated by a single color, a mix of two colors in any number of three dimensions, a distribution of color spectrum in any number of dimensions and even image colors derived from a source image thereby facilitating integration into existing images. Both line and point colors can be individually overridden for a custom color and line intensity can be derived from line length resulting in gorgeous shading.

Lattice has a powerful feature list including the ability to load and work directly with OBJ files!

Click here to check out Lattice now!