Lattice vs Mirror

Hey guys, I’m trying to use a lattice to deform the eye, and I need the lattice to stay there. I need to mirror the lattice to the other eye, BUT I still need the UV doesn’t mirror. In Maya, I would duplicate the eye, mirror on the world pivot point to be on the correct position, and mirror again centered on the object, so I keep the correct UV, mirror the lattice and apply to the new eye. But in Blender I can’t mirror the lattice, any special solution?

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do you mean like so:

untitledEye.blend (287.1 KB)

thinking about it you properly want to apply the mirror modifer, copy the lattice and mirror it with object mirror…

I want both eyes to have the cut to the same side (I drew in red the cut to show it was wrong), so I need just the lattice mirrored, not the eye

Please keep in mind:

  1. i dont know what exactly “World Pivot Point” are mean and how its working in maya. At first glance is sounds like just a scene/world 0.0.0 coordinates, but im not sure.
  2. i dont do rigs/animation so i dunno how comfortable setup like this can be
  3. tbh im really ocasionally use lattice at all so i dont know did it work the same way as mesh deform or not.

But anyway:
Here we have 1 eye mirrored around self pivot point by x axis.
Mirrored again by our kind of “faked” “world pivot point”
And finally we bing geo of the eye to defenitely fake lattice which are simple cube in fact.

We put mesh deform on the eye, use out cube which already have an mirror modifier as a “lattice”, when “Bind” it.

Ops, wait. I miss this part :slight_smile:
When do whatewer you want with an eyes and just use cube as a mirrored “lattice”

You understood right the part of “World Pivot Point”

This sounds exactly like what I need, but I still didn’t understand how to mirror the lattice.
You said “And finally we bing geo of the eye to defenitely fake lattice which are simple cube in fact.” But I can’t understand this part, what fake lattice? how?

Hey, May

In this case, If I correctly understand you, you better use an array modifier instead of mirror, because mirror always does an 180 flip for itself.

Ok, but for the format of the eye, I need the 180º
I need this overall shape, but the texture not flipped, that’s why I was wondering if it’s possible to mirror just the lattice, this way I could apply it in a another mesh

Like in this one
I tried to mark the lattice with a box and position a new lattice the closest I could, but it didn’t work either. it didn’t deform like the other I have no idea why

Oh, seems like I finally understood you.

If the pupil & the apple eye are one object, the short answer is - no. You need to separate pupil from apple eye and make them as two different objects and only then apply an mirror modifier to the pupil

If in a few words: just make an apple eye & a pupil as two differenet objects and work with them separately.

But after you will set a right position & everything will be done, you can easily join them by selecting them and press CTRL+J and work with them from edit mode. In edit mode you should select one of the faces of your object and press “L” to select them all, thus you’ll be able to work with each object without any of needing to separate them from each other.

I’ve joined those 3 objects and can move each of them in edit mode by selecting one of them:


  1. Make apple eye, do what you want to do with it
  2. Same but for pupil
  3. Mirror each of them
  4. You’ll get 4 objects
  5. Join them all (but remember to apply modifier at first)
  6. Work with them from edit mode


Ok, got it, but then I can’t animate them with live lattice, right? I think I saw a guy using the way I need it to once, I’ll try to find the video again, but not sure if it’s a possibility

Oh eyes this was while i was playing arround… just click on mirror UV…

And now i used vertex groups and the two lattices (on copied and mirrored) :

Lattice are specific type of objects. Its not mesh, its lattice.
“Fake lattice” means what we use regular mesh object as a form of lattice.
fake_lattice.blend (1.2 MB)

Cannot answer about the animation aspects, sorry. As I see, the strength value of Lattice modifier has animate property, so I can suppose that it’s possible.

ooh you’re using MeshDeform. I tried a little test and didn’t work, but I’ll try to make a few more tests, this could be the solution, thanks!

Thank you guys, @SoundDifferent it worked perfectly! Thanks for your help

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