Latvian design expo inspiration.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen, here is a recent work i have done whit Blender: Cycles
A couple of weeks ago i was in Latvian design expo that inspired me to create a render using some of the designs i saw there.

My favorite is render #3. Really beautiful renders. That wall pattern is really attractive. Good job!

Thank you, i’m glad that you like it.

Great renders!

Thank you !

Really nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Very good job, you could comment further on the configuration of the floor material and lighting?

Nice taste!

Yeah sure, for the floor i used just a normal map and a white glossy material, as you can probably tell i have modeled the tiles and changed around the UV map so they look good. For the lighting i used a black and white HDR whit portals.

Hi. A couple questions:
1-render time?
2-samples count?
3-render on gpu?
4-is there a lot of post processing in PS?

Interesting little pop with the mix-matched wood you added in.

I think you should make the curtains a little less transparent though, they seem really thin/too transparent.

very nice renders. i like the wood texture - it breaks up all the smooth/hard surfaces