launch blenderplayer throw python ?

would it be possible to create a python program with interface ( wxPhyton, Tk,…) that could display in a window ( or part of ) the 3D view …?
…and create buttons that interacts with the game ?

Why not create buttons in blender?

from what ive heard pygame has a 2d interface

I know you can integrate openGL with pygame, and you can also glue wxPython together with an OpenGL window or a pyogre window. I imagine it would be difficult with Blender, as its not actually running in python, rather in C++ with a python extension tacked on. Best bet would be to do as fireside said and make a GUI within blender, its quite easy to do. If you’re looking to make an actual user application which integrates 3d (rather than a game-type application), best look at some of the wxPython demos (there is one that uses a pyOpenGL window along with standard wxwidgets in the same application)