Launching very slow

I have created a small puppet, with a simple armature only made with a bone for each member.
I works well and I can animate the member in posing mode, create actions,…
However, when I lanch the game mode with the key P (start game), Blender takes a lot of time before being in gaming mode.
I have checked various posibilities: cancel texturing, cancel actions, no sensors, and found that the problems only comes when the puppet has an armature.
Is there an option or something to set to avoid this problem?
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

the delay before the game engine starts is because the game engine has to convert everything from blender to work in the game engine…

the higher poly your mesh the longer that will take… and some other factors are important, but I"ve not played with it much

though, playing with it just now I don’t see it taking longer with an armature than without… how long is it taking for you to get started?

it takes around 65 sec and about the same time to launch an exe file created with Runtime.
The puppet is made of 6 UVSpheres (each one 32 segments, 32 rings) more or less put out of shape: one for the head, one for the body and 4 for the members.
I wonder if there would not be some parameters to set in “links and materials”

I have just made another test:
I only create a puppet, and Blender quickly goes to game mode
I then create an armature, and then Blender launches the game mode in more than one minute
I get back to normal mode and delete the armature. Blender still launches the game mode as long as when there was the armature.

6 UV-Sphere with 32 segments and 32 rings=>1024 faces * 6= 6144 faces.
I think your problem is obvious: too much faces for an armature deformed object.