Lava Demon

hey guys i’m new to blender artist and i’m searching for some good feedbacks to get better on my next project. please, no mercy :slight_smile:


nice work,
how did you use the alpha Chanel , i tryd doing this but i just couldn’t

Amazing model and materials. I guess if I’d have to find a flaw with I think the legs are a bit off. First, the material looks more like wood rather than fur. Maybe try adding hair particles (maybe you did but it’s hard to see on the render). And also they look strange because the thickness is uniform throughout, try looking at anatomy references of goats or such. Also maybe a darker background with some embers could be interesting but I don’t know a lot about composition. All in all it’s an amazing render.

thanks man.
quite simple actually, if you want it to be transparent then color it black in the alpha chanel

Awesome! :yes:

Add some fur, SSS, shininess and scars/scratches to the skin (Because the skin looks like something hard, it is unnatural to not have any inperfections on). Skin color is too flat, some color variations would make it look better. Where the teeth and horns connect with the skin it looks very unnatural. Also the nails don’t grow out from the tips of your fingers, rather from the top of your fingers. The anatomy of the upper body looks okayish but the legs are just off proportions, shape and off texture as well. They look like they are made of some sort of wood maybe, not sure. I would use the same texture on the legs as you have on the rest of the body and ad some fur on it, not sure if this is what you were trying to achieve but it looks that way. Also some post processing and color grading in photoshop wouldn’t hurt. Lighting is flat, the right side of the face as we are looking at the images completely blends together with the rest of the body. I would pronounciate that part with some hard rim lighting so it gets separated as a shape.

Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the update.

I’d agree with NeverTilt, the skin looks too dry, I’d make it look a bit more leathery with some SSS, also the left arm and claws lack definition/detail. If I’m being really picky I can see a strange looking edge along the side of the thumb and forefinger. Maybe add some saliva/drool around the mouth. Otherwise it looks great!

I dig it. It looks to me like a clay model with some light texturing & lighting effects added. I’d like to see a version with an actual background (a completed scene), and more detail on the figure (like NeverTilt said, some hair, skin imperfections, better blending of the horns to the body). But I like the body proportions, as well as of the musculature detail of the head & upper torso; reminds of a demon-type character from an anime. :cool: lol

The only thing I didn’t like is the lava effect under his hoofs. I’m guessing you were going for an effect where it looks like wherever he steps turns glowing hot, and begins to melt like lava, but I feel like with hoofs that large, the effect would have a larger radius (under his hoofs), and THEN begin to radiate/fragment outwards (i.e. the effect would be larger, and look more hoof-shaped/pronounced the closer his hoofs got to the ground, and then maybe have fragment-like patterns outward from there?).

But aside from that, as it is now, I don’t think it looks BAD, but I think it could look better. :cool: