Lava lamp [updated]

:ba: :RocknRoll: Heres a lavalamp i made yesterday
it rendered with indigo for 4 hrs 30 min - ish[]_lava_lamp.jpg[]_lavalamp2.jpg
I messed with SSS on the second image and added some contrast to give it a glowey look :slight_smile:
what do you think?

Some of the awesomeness may be due to indigo, but yeah, lighting, colour palette, general mood is 5 stars IMO.

Too bad the wax in the lamp looks terrible.

Sorry if I sound discouraging. But take a good long look at a real lamp, or google/youtube it, make some changes to get the lava realistic (Indigo do SSS?). Then it will be pure amazing.

Looks nice! :slight_smile:
I think the shader on the metal part should have been more of a metal-ish look, but that’s only my opinion.
Nice work.

thanks for the quick replies! :spin:
ill try messing with the material settings to get a better look, but as u know that takes quite a bit of time because its indigo :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome job Jeepster. Looks sweet man. Love the feeling of the image and composition.

Very nice work man, only critique: The scene is too bright. Ifyou darkened the background quite a bit, and had a nice glowy effect on the glass, I think it wowuld look a lot better, or at least more fitting, if you had some such contrast and glow. The lighting looks very monotone right now.

But yeah, Indigo adds its general zing to the image, making it look far better than it would otherwise, so nice choice of renderer!

Peace bro

I did a new render, the blobs have a bit of SSS on them and i added contrast to give it a glowy look (see first post)

Nice work! but i think that you should turn the wax in the lamp blue and make it more glowing.

The shadow is a bit odd. It seems the lamp is on (otherwise the oil inside would all be at the bottom) but the shadow is cast from some outside source. It should have light coming from inside the lamp casting the shadows around the base.

I agree with Free_ality - though not all lava lamps are made to glow - it would add a nice ambience to it. Also, the wax in lava lamps tends to stay more in large rounder blobs. Unless the temperature is too high perhaps. “Google image” it to see some reference images.

Finally I think your lamp is a little tall and thin.

But otherwise its a great job, good job on the cord, and makes me want to try modeling one myself.

Very nice, I have always been a fan of lavalamps :D. the only thing is that the shadow doesn’t really indicate that there is any glass in the lavalamp, it should be lighter.
Great job :).

I liek the updated version much more(mayeb a bti of pshopped color to the glow, but that’s minor)

Nice work man, keep it up.

Yeah, great stuff. Is this the final scene, or are you going to add more objects to it?

Hey, Great piece so far Jeepster!
Three things I think could be improved would be…

  1. The knob on the wire, appears (to me anyways) to be balanced on a really fine edge, I don’t think it would be that balanced in real life…

  2. The part of the lamp just touching the glass(on the bottom) seems just a wee bit sharp to me…

  3. The material of the lava…, I’ve got no idea how to make it better, though so… :o
    Take a look at this maxwell material though…


Link here…


oooooh nice material - too bad im rendering with indigo and not maxwell :stuck_out_tongue:
ill try to go for something like that tho - ill post if i get a nice render (i guess i shoulda put this in the WIP thread, oops)