Lavender Field

Edit: Ok, I am done with this render finally. Took some feed back and hopefully it has a better feel. But I promise I won’t post any changes.

I have decided that my nature work is significantly better than my character creation work (not that my nature work is amazing) so I thought I would continue with that particular theme. I did all of this work in one day, not too much detail in it but I like it. Let me know what you think!

i like it. would be good how ever to have a spot of focus, and not all unfocused.

Beautiful work, mcdavid! The placement of everything looks quite natural, and the lavender color really pops out at us. How many individual stems (correct term?) did you have to model for this? I like the fence as well.

I would love to see how you setup your compositing for this. Whatever your technique, it is quite realistic looking. I believe many people would mistake this for a film exposure. Terrific work!

Lovely render! Lol you need to get a new definition for a field, cause thats totally just a yard :wink:

I agree, I tried different focus spots in the scene just how it is but this was the best. I was thinking about adding a tin watering can in the middle of the main aisle way. Maybe something more to focus on. Thanks!

Thanks! I appreciate the complements! As for the amount of Lavender steams (modified sapling), I used a particle setting for each bush. the front 4 bushes have 750 steams each and every other bush has 350 steams. Then along with the steam particles there is a hair particle system as well.

The node setup is really simple, just a col balance, some lens projection, and sharpen.

Small update, I added the water can to help with the focus. Still not quite done I guess, maybe ramp up the samples, currently only 35. Maybe add in some more gardening tools/supplies.

Final Picture

This is so beautiful. I thought I was looking at a postcard from Provence when I first opened this thread. Lovely work, mcdavid!

It is artistic and stunningly beautiful!

Thanks for the complements! I know its not perfect. Still trying to get realism nature down. More to come soon!