Check out this forum, bunch of idiots, funny to read it all.

a bunch of people flaming each other on why the earth is flat or not.

I looked through a couple of threads and didn’t see any flamming of any kind. It’s pretty tame. Although I would be interested in why they think this world is flat (hey, you can’t say all worlds are flat).

Looks like they have a special section just for that.
Apparently some people are really challenged by the statements put forth on the site!

Lol! Some people say get a life, but they then go and post in some forum that no one gives a care about and tell them off like they did the world a favor.

“Get a life!”

“Why? I’ve got something better!”

wtf haha

That’s pretty dang funny right there.

I think you need to edit the title of this thread to say, “LOL, the world is FLAT.” Then, more people might look at this, as they should. I think I’ll get some laughs out of this for quite some time… :smiley:

Thank you!

[edit]On second thought (and a bit more reading), there is a LOT of language in that forum. Perhaps fewer people should see it after all…[/edit]

Well, it’s always good to have kids learn the language. Or were you refering to bad language?

Could anyone be possibly be more stubborn? I mean…
:expressionless: It just doesn’t even makes sense to discuss with those flat-earthers.

What do you mean the earth is round?

Doesn’t everyone know that the pictures from Nasa which show a spherical earth are fake images made to make everyone believe the lie that the earth is round!

I mean, this is what the earth looks like:



So that’s why Amelia Earhart disappeared. She literally fell off the edge of the earth!

Wait, so Earth isn’t flat?! Oh, jeez, I think my whole view of the world has literally changed! Up until now I was lead to believe by all my geography teachers and WikiFlatEarthPedia that the world was like that image rndrdbrian just posted. goes to kill self by jumping off the edge of the world

w00t! flat! flat!

Ofcourse the earth isnt round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the “Discworld” a turtle flying through space, With 3 great elephants supporting it.

Haven’t use not read Terry Pratchetts Discworld, its all facts even the bits about dwarfs, magic and trolls. :wink:

how exactly woudl you produce fake images back in the 60’s and 70’s with your big vacuum tube computer and 5mb hard drive? good luck painting a picture like that
where did the shuttles go after they were launched? away?

The moon landing was in California and image was done by splicing negatives and combinding there :smiley:

Well, it’s always good to have kids learn the language. Or were you refering to bad language?[/quote]

Whoops, yeah. I was referring to bad language.