lawn at night

particles and sss and dof, oh my!

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Simple and Elegant. Nice!

How did you do those lamps? Is there a light placed inside and the lamps themselves have SSS?

Now, see, that’s just awesome.

really nice render

Please share with us how you did this! I would love to know what you did with the lights and their SSS.

Try to make such material, here result

Hey that’s cool airbox! good result!

hey thanks for the comments guys!

as it turns out, i didn’t use true sss for the lamps, i just set the material’s translucency to max and turned off shadows so the light would permeate through onto the ground. the sss in the scene is on the grass, although i just recently realized my display gamma has been set rather bright, so the grass probably isn’t as visible to most as it is to me.

my ultimate goal is to create a scene with a lonely rural highway at night, so i was just working out the aesthetic for the grass with this shot. prior to that i’d been experimenting with the road but i wasn’t getting what i wanted. i was hoping to work with procedurals as much as possible, but we’ll see. right now only the painted lines are texture (originally they were done with ramps, but it wasn’t as precise as i’d wanted) and then the paint is ‘scuffed’ with procedural clouds.

anyway, if i do any more with this i’ll make a work in progress thread, but as is often the case, i’ll probably just get distracted by something else :o

That grass looks excellent. Nice job on the lights too, they have a real soft, realistic feel to them.


Please continue! I want to see the rest

very, very good work shteeve . Very realistic render. Perfectly. Excuse I has not written a response for the first time

Wow amazing…

Nice light, what kind of lamp is it?

Yeah, really nice, it has a perfect “lawn at night” mood, if something like that exists. And this would easily pass as a “finished project” as well, although I’d also urge you to continue the project you have in mind. It will surely look great.

Amazing, nice render.

Exactly how I imagined it would be after reading the title… great.:smiley:


i’ve got like 5 learning projects: one rig, a human head, some grass, a building and a bathroom… blender is so wide, i wish we had instant leaning like those in matrix: ‘tank, feed me the Nodes, quick’

very nice dude keep it up =D thumbs up