Lawn Mower

I kinda had this idea to make a lawn mower that destroys the particles that are the grass, but i couldn’t come up with anything but the file at this url:

hey tacodrake95 u may not have noticed but there is no file attached… im not sure how u managed it but my first thought was too have a ground plane that is the ground and then one just underneath it that has the particle grass… then use a lattice to “mow” the plane with the grass on it down… im not sure how that would work… i might give it try myself :slight_smile:

Hi, you can do it with animated textures.

Some time ago I built some systems to create tracks in grass, snow,sand, mud…

You will find below tutorials and Blend files (a lawn mower model is even provided !)

Video examples on Vimeo :

Tutorials and Setups :

More tutorials here :

Enjoy !

Note, if you encounter some troubles with grass particles control, you can switch back to Blender v2.48a, because some particles and texture refresh features are broken in 2.49 and 2.49b. You can also try with 2.5 if you master it (I have not learnt it yet).


Philippe, the tutorial isn’t coming up on that link
looks like 3D synthesis is not coming up

Never mind, Back up now

i’ve created a link on the post that redirects you to the zipped version of the file.