Layer behavior in Blender 2.3

well I just have started working with blender and now I have a problem with the layer behavior.
I added a nurbs object in layer 1, edited etc. and then I added another nurbs object in layer 2.
Now I have the problem that I can’t change into edit mode in layer 1 to edit my nurbs sphere, I only can select the object into the object mode.
What’s going wrong? Why can’t I change into edit mode in layer 1 after i added a new object in layer2? (in layer 2 i can change into edit mode and edit my nurbs sphere)

thanks so far

Have you selected the object in layer 1 (right click of the mouse over it, it change its color from black to pink ) before enter in edit mode (TAB)? %|


NURBS sphere? :o

Anyway, it’s because your object on layer 2 is still in edit mode.